Despite getting swept by Reserve Red, Jokers look ahead


It was a rude awakening Sept. 19 for the 552nd Commodities Maintenance Squadron as they struggled to stay afloat amid a determined Reserve Red onslaught at Tinker Field.

The Jokers ended the night scoreless, forfeiting 12 points and sifting through three quarterbacks in an attempt to find momentum that never came.

“If we can take anything out of this game, it’s to try to develop our chemistry a little bit,” said CMMXS coach Levi Burgett. “See if that’s something we can try to take on to the rest of the season.”

513th Air Control Group quarterback and coach James Gasaway wanted to send a message early on with a 30-yard pass to teammate Dylan McCoy, who zigzagged around defenders for the first touchdown of the game.

“I knew I had to go out hard, and then really sell the fake,” McCoy said. “We tried to go out and then turn back to try to get them to bite forward, and once he started coming forward hard, I had him so I just turned and took off down the field.”

ACG kicker Ryan Clarey narrowly clinched the extra-point kick after striking the pole to put Reserve Red up 7-0.

At the two-minute warning in the first half, Gasaway passed to Larry Mansell from deep in the end-zone for the final TD of the night. Much to the Jokers’ chagrin, what happened next was déjà vu as Clarey stepped up to the 3-yard line to knock down his second extra-point kick.

A revitalized CMMXS D-line held Reserve Red at bay in the second half, but their offense continued to be challenged by ACG’s zone defense, ultimately keeping ACG off the scoreboard.

The 2017 fall intramural flag football league is Reserve Red’s first appearance at Tinker. As just one of three ACG reserve teams, what they lacked in experience they made up for in the weeks leading up to their first game against the Jokers.

“We’ve been practicing probably for four weeks now,” Gasaway said. “Four pretty heavy … hour and a half practices, couple scrimmages thrown in, so I think we’re pretty prepared.”

Reserve Red will go for the win Oct. 3 against the Sabers with a start time of 6:30 p.m. The Jokers will play the 424th Supply Chain Management Squadron immediately following the Reserve Red versus Sabers matchup. Both games will take place at the field north of the dorms.

(Originally published in The Tinker Take Off)

Elliott Scott